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Armchair Whisky
A Whisky Journey

Latest Episode

Greg is the director of The Water of Life- A Whisky Film. It's an amazing documentary about the revolution of Scotch Whisky and an absolute must-see. We pick his brain about the making of the film and other whisky-related things. Cheers 🥃


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   The Show

Armchair Whisky is a podcast for whisky enthusiasts by whisky enthusiasts. 

We believe whisky is more than a drink. It's about a journey and the moments we create through it. As your hosts we want to invite you on that journey as we explore the wide world of whisky together, one dram at a time.

If you're eager to learn and make moments as we are, make yourself comfortable in your favourite leather-clad wingback and enjoy the show!


And don't forget to subscribe, follow, rate, review and whatever else you want to do so we can make this the best podcast possible! 




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